Arctic Cat is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of all terrain vehicles producing a wide range of strong, reliable and well engineered products. They are built in America and are distributed throughout Europe from their European head quarters in Austria.

By far the most popular model is the 700cc diesel 4x4 quad. This has proved to be an extremely reliable, powerful and economical machine. It will run on derv, red diesel and bio diesel and will return up to 40mpg.These machines have a tremendous towing ability and offer greater safety and stability when used on steep ground. One of the biggest advantages is that there is no need to make regular trips to the fuel station for petrol, often at the busiest periods when time is precious, as most owners have farm fuel on site.

Arctic Cat also has a wide range of petrol engine quads and ATV’s which are gaining popularity in the UK. They have models ranging from the 300cc 4x2 quads to the 1000cc V twin quad with many different models in between . They also have the Prowler range of side by side ATV’s but at present these are only available with petrol engines.

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Arctic cat 350 4x2

This is a great choice where 4x4 is not required. Powerful 366cc engine, homologated for road use. Independent front and rear suspension. Excellent value for money

Arctic cat 400 4x4 road legal  
Top quality 4x4 utility quad.Fully road  legal with electric front winch fitted as standard. Independant suspension, selectable 4x4, despite being low cost they are very reliable and  offer excellent value for money.

Arctic cat 450EFI 4x4 road legal

Excellent ATV for both on and off road use.Powerfull water cooled engine, selectable 4wd, independent front and rear suspension.  Homologated for road use. Front electric winch fitted as standard.


Arctic cat 450EFI 4x4 off road

Superb machine, not homologated therefore for off road use or can be registered as an agricultural vehicle. 4x4, diff lock, independent suspension. Powerful ATV with brisk performance.

Arctic cat 450 XC EFI

Arctic cat’s unique crossover concept covers all aspects of the sports sector superbly well with the introduction of this model. Styling and performance have been a top priority with standard features to include alloy wheels, independent suspension, selectable 4x4, homologated and road legal.
Arcticcat 550 LC
This ATV offers excellent value for money as Arcticcat have kept the cost of this machine low. It is  a superb machine with selectable 4wd,tow hitch,electric front winch,fuel injection and fully road legal  as standard. 

Arctic cat 700 Diesel 4x4 road legal.

This is the ultimate ATV and by far the most popular in the range.Powerfull 700cc twin cylinder diesel engine. Selectable 4x4, diff lock. Homologated and fully road legal. Front electric winch and rear tow bar as standard. Very economical and when used off road, red diesel can be used giving even greater fuel savings. Usually returns 30- 40 mpg therefore the running costs are a fraction of petrol engine ATV’s running costs. Comes with rear rack as standard with the option of a removable pillion seat and a large HD cargo box as additional extras. Excellent cold starting even in the recent cold winter weather. Positive engine braking, longer wheel base and low centre of gravity giving stability and safety in extreme conditions. These are used for the following













Other Arctic cat models

  • 300 DVX   4x2 Sports
  • 400 CORE 4X4
  • 450 Efi CORE 4X4
  • 550H1 EFI 4X4 EFT LC
  • 550H1 EFI 4X4 LC                                                    2 RIDER
  • 700 H1 EFI 4X4 POWER STEERING                     2 RIDER
  • 700 H1 EFI 4X4 PANTHER
  • 700 H1 EFI 4X4 CRUISER                                      2 RIDER
  • 1000 H2 EFI 4X4 THUNDER CAT                        
  • 1000 H2 EFI 4X4 CRUISER                               


Arctic cat ATV’s come with a 2year 6000 mile warranty which is subject to the usual service and maintenance requirements. It can be extended to 3 year / 9000 miles for an additional charge, and if required must be requested when ATV is ordered.